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A Taste of the Wedding….

18 Nov

Well I’m just waiting on my sister’s wedding photography so I can post photos of my amazing work for her wedding.

My boyfriend and I designed her invitations, table cards and menu cards.

I made the seating chart, floral arrangements and cupcakes!

The cupcakes didn’t turn out exactly but the end result was fun enough. The blue was a blue candy gemstone but it reacted with the buttercream icing and melted down the cupcake. But it had a neat effect like a juicy blueberry so all turned out ok in the end.

Here are the cupcakes:

Pumpkin Cupcakes photo by Spirits Intrigued Photography

I will post the rest of my creations once I get more photos!


What a Hoot!

18 Nov

Owl cupcakes for Halloween….

Using my best chocolate cake recipe… sorry no sharing it’s TOP SECRET!

Owl Cupcakes!

My carved pumpkin