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Chocolatey Cupcakes

30 Apr

Delicious moist chocolate cupcakes with a fresh strawberry buttercream frosting… MMMMMMMmmmmm…. drool.

The cupcake itself turned out so moist and chocolately.

My secret (and well the secret of many bakers) when a chocolate cake recipe calls for water I substitute it with freshly brewed black coffee. You just substitute the water with coffee in the exact same amount. So 1 cup water,  add 1 cup coffee instead.  You would think it would make a mocha chocolate type flavour but it doesn’t. It just enhances the chocolate flavour and makes your cake even more delicious. If you want a mocha type flavour, brew espresso instead as it is much stronger. Or just add instant espresso powder to your cake mix.

Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes


Hoppy Easter!

28 Apr

Easter Chicks – Delicious lemon poppy cookies with a lemon glaze icing.

The Oscars 2011

28 Apr

Red Velvet 2011 Best Picture Nominees Cupcakes

Each film is depicted with a chocolate icon. Can you guess each one?

2011 Best Picture Nominees - Red Velvet Cupcakes