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Delicious Summer Cookies!

25 Jun

Check out these delicious summer icebox cookies. Recipe from: Cookie Swap: Creative Treats to Share Throughout the Year by Julia M. Usher.

In the book they were to be flavored lemon (for the lemon) and lime (for the watermelon). But I decided to mix it up and flavour the watermelon cookies, with watermelon candy flavouring that I found in Bulk Barn. It was different but people seemed to really enjoy the watermelon jolly rancher type flavour they had.

The cookie dough was tinted the appropriate colours and rolled together then sliced to create the wedges. For more information you should check out the book as it has some awesome recipes and great ideas.


Cake Making – Using a Box Mix for Fondant Decorating

25 Jun

So I tend to make my cake creation recipes from scratch, but sometimes I don’t have all the ingredients and don’t want to spend the money buying all the ingredients. I just want something quick, easy and inexpensive. That’s when I turn to boxed cake mixes. Now these mixes usually turn out very fluffy and crumble easy. A way to counteract this in order to make tall sturdy structures that will support the weight of the fondant and decorations is to follow these steps:

1. Empty the mix into a bowl.

2. Add the amount of oil called for on the box.

3. Add 4 large eggs, instead of the amount called for on the box.

4. Add 1 cup buttermilk, instead of the milk or water called for on the box.

Now mix together as directed on box and pour into your desired pans. Cook as directed on box.

Shark Cake is making the Internet Rounds!

6 Jun

So my shark cake made it on My Food Looks Funny!

Check out the link:

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Back into the Kitchen

Other Creations!

6 Jun

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6 Jun

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6 Jun

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6 Jun

Check out some of my delicious cookie creations.